Micro Hi-fi System

Music lovers, all over the world, want to own an excellent micro H-Fi system. This is one of the essential ingredients for home entertainment setup. In an audio system, Hi-Fi means the High Fidelity Reproduction of sound. Hi-Fi, to the average consumers, means the advanced model of the audio system which offers best quality music with interferences from noises.

You can find Hi-Fi types with gadgets like digital audio tapes, CD players, amplifiers, HD radio tuners. There are three types of Hi-Fi systems available in different sizes. These are Micro, Midi and Mini Hi-Fi systems. The smallest among them is the micro Hi-Fi system. Before you purchase Hi-Fi system, you make sure of your requirements. As a consumer, you have large choice of products as there is large array of sophisticated products.

A micro Hi-Fi system is compact, small in size and portable. It also offers lower power output and limited features. The most important feature of the Micro Hi-Fi is the clarity and precision. These systems have built-in amplifiers in the speakers. These systems can reproduce the digital radio programs with FM tuners and DAB radio facility.

You can download music from PCs and MP3 players using USB port present in many Hi-Fi systems. Some of the Hi-Fi systems have features like automatic music sensor for auto tracking, graphic equalizer to balance the sound spectrum as the listener desires for. All the Micro Hi-Fi systems come with remote control for the convenience of the user. Reflectors help to spread the sound in wide area. These devices have many other features like Cassette deck, AM & FM Radios, CD, CD recording and more.

Features of Micro hi-fi system


Although all the systems have conventional FM tuners, some systems are coming with digital DAB tuner. Digital DAB tuner gives access to the digital radio stations.

Record radio

Some of the systems are equipped with DAB radio with a memory buffer this helps radio programs to be paused and rewound. They may also have the SD memory card to play or record DAB radio recordings.


Some of the systems have built-in speakers and some come with attached speakers. For better sound quality, you can always upgrade your speakers.


Some of the Micro Hi-Fi Audio Systems have the USB slots on the front side to let the MP3 or WMA files played from other MP3 player or memory stick.

You can choose an advanced Micro Hi-Fi system if you know about their features in detail. There are many online stores where you can find good deals.

Hp Pavilion Dv6 6153ea Entertainment Notebook Pc

As we are all aware Hewlett Packard or HP as it is more popularly known Worldwide is undoubtedly one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. They did not achieve this remarkable feat all of a sudden from nowhere. Right from the beginning the American Computer giant has been offering its customers top notch products that had astonishing amounts of quality and reliability which is something the company today sees as a motto for its operations. HP has now established a name for itself in almost all forms of computational hardware and accessories from simple USB Storage Devices to even Million Dollar Servers.

Today we take a preview of one among the several new
Notebook models from HP to hit stores in UK. The model is christened by HP as HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea Entertainment Notebook PC. From the Pavilion and Entertainment tags itself we get a clear picture that this is not your regular computing stuff that jus about provides you a minimalistic computing experience. Instead the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea Notebook offers everything you would expect from a modern day computer.

On the surface the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea looks like any HP Laptop today. It offers a decent style statement that you can show off in college that ranges from the artistic impressions on the lid to the feather touch volume and WLAN controls on the keyboard panel. The large 15.6 inch LED display screen offers stunning picture clarity for a one of a kind movie and gaming experience. However what lies beneath the skin is that really sends a shiver down the spine of competition.

The HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea offers you the latest generation of Intels Core Processor family with the Core i5 Processor that spins off its blades to the tune of 2.3 GHz thereby ensuring smooth delivery of all multimedia and computational functionalities.
The i5 Processor has been coupled to a large 4GB RAM and with the Notebook running a 64 Bit Version of Windows 7 Home Premium you can make full use of the 4GB of RAM Memory unlike the 32 Bit Versions found elsewhere.

The HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea is meant for pure multimedia and Entertainment purposes and Gaming is definitely the main preference for those who prefer such Notebooks. Gaming enthusiasts are treated to an absolutely mesmerising and nerve cracking experience which is courtesy of the mighty 1 GB AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card bundled along with the hardware.

Storage is never an issue as HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea has a 750 GB internal hard disk which is more than enough for storing all your favourite movies, games, files and data. Other goodies that come along with the Notebook are an HDMI Port, 2 USB 2.0 Ports and 2 USB 3.0 Ports and also come with a good quality Webcam and Mike. The well spaced keypad is a bonus for those who use their Laptops for a higher proportion of office work rather than personal entertainment.

In short the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea is a perfect choice if you are looking for a Notebook that will serve primarily for entertainment. You can grab one for yourself for just under GBP 700.