Entertainment In Gurgaon

As more and more multinationals and business houses are heading to Gurgaon, there is an influx of young professionals towards Gurgaon, making it their home. These top notch professionals are big earners as well as considerable spenders. They are willing to pay for good entertainment. As a result, lots of entertainment hubs have sprouted up in the city to cater to their demand. The future of the entertainment sector is also extremely bright in the city as new venues such as Kingdom of Dreams are going to open their gates very soon.

The city has now become a paradise for fun lovers as many multiplexes, shopping malls, pubs, bars, restaurants and theatres have opened up. We can positively say that nightlife in Gurgaon is much better than its cousin Delhi. Maximum of these entertainment venues are targeted towards the young generation. The hip-hop crowd is a big spender on entertainment and are the biggest reason behind this boom.

The city boasts of a number of watering holes catering to the drinking public. These bars and pubs are among the best in India with a wide variety of themes, dcor, music and services. Every evening, you can see these overflowing with people who are here to relax and unwind after a days hard work. They also offer eating services, and you can dine at these resto-bars. Some of the famous ones are Mozzo, Crave, Oz, Tangerine Lounge, The Fizz and The Rodeo,

Another feature of nightlife in Gurgaon is its multiplexes. For movie buffs, no other city can offer so many choices. Multiplexes like PVR, DT Cinemas and SRS Cinemas offer movie lovers a great variety of choices. These multiplexes are the essence of entertainment in Gurgaon. They provide a perfect natural outing to the public after a daylong chaotic work schedule.

For shopaholics, the malls in Gurgaon offer mind boggling choices with an extensive range of products. Shopping in these malls is akin to entertainment and shopping, here is a pleasant and relaxing exercise.
Another feature of entertainment in Gurgaon is its Restaurants. These eating joints are some of the top of the line restaurants and cater to people of all types of pockets.

With coming of Kingdom of Dreams, the entertainment scenario of Gurgaon is surely going to change. With it, Gurgaon is definitely going to come on worlds map of tourism in the class of Moulin Rouge and Opera house of Sydney.