Best Martial Arts Movies Of All Time

We love watching the fighting and action in the best kung fu and martial arts movies, and we have watched quite a few of them over the years we can tell you! So here is my pick of what we think are the 5 best martial arts movies ever made:

Enter The Dragon – Bruce Lee is widely regarded as the best kung fu film star of all time, so it would be tantamount to blasphemy if anyone were to write a list like this without including at least one of his movies. In my opinion the 1973 classic Enter The Dragon features Bruce Lee at the top of his game. There are some great one liners with Lee doling out his kung fu philosophy, and the actual fighting in this movie in very realistic and exciting to watch even if all of the acting isn’t quite up to the same high level.

Drunken Master – Jackie Chan is another of the greats when it comes to stars of kung fu movies, and this is my favourite of his films. Jackie sets out to learn the famous Drunken style of kung fu in a quest to save his master and the school that he runs, and there is plenty of the slapstick comedyand crazy stunt and acrobatics that Jackie Chan has always done so well.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – The best of the new breed of kung fu film which has much higher production values that the classic 1970s movies which brought the genre to the public attention and made it famous. Very beautifully shot with the kind of mystical kung fu superpowers type feel that has everyone flying around on wires all the time. The actual fighting isn’t as good as the old films in my opinion, but in every other way it is superior.

Magnificent Butcher – This is a less well known movie that deserves more recognition than it has ever recieved. It has a really involving story of a butcher who is accused of crimes that he did not commit and must go to great lengths to try to clear his name.

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior – There are so many kung fu films out there that it is nice to see something which is based around a different style of fighting – namely Muay Thai, or Thai boxing. Very visually impressive and with great fight scenes, it follows ayoung rural man who sets out from his village to retrieve a stolen statue.