Gicle The WOW! Factor in Fine Art Prints

In 1991, Jack Duganne, a printmaker, searched high and low for an accurate word to describe his new digital printing process, and he came up with “Gicle” (pronounced: zhee-KLAY). This French word means “nozzle” and the verb form “gicler” means “to squirt, spurt, or spray.” To say that Gicle is a high tech reproduction or even pointing out that it is done in very high resolution and high fidelity simply does not truly paint a picture in the mind’s eye of what Gicle really is, and a person won’t fully understand until they see one. Gicle, the pinnacle of modern art print technology, is used to reproduce an artist’s original work so well that it is very hard to distinguish from the original.

Gicle does not incorporate mechanical screens or dots like older printing methods, so there are no dot patterns visible to the human eye. Sophisticated Gicle images faithfully reproduce all the beautiful tones and hues that the artist originally produced. A Gicle printer squirts out a continuous tone of over four-million microscopic droplets of ink, per second, onto either paper or canvas and the output may commonly be found in art galleries, museums, and photo galleries.

In the early days an IRIS ink-jet printer which was able to produce millions of colors using continuous-tone technology was used, but today’s technology far surpasses the early machines. Now large production Gicle printers are made by HP, Epson, Canon, and others but there are no “desk top” models so you still have to go to a specialist to get a Gicle done.

One of the most amazing aspects of Gicle is that nearly any media from acid free watercolor paper and canvas, to vinyl or transparent acetates can be used. Instead of dyes, pigment inks are used to produce long lasting high-resolution continuous tone prints with a brighter more accurate look than former older print processes could produce. Under normal conditions, if archival inks and materials are used, a Gicle print should last from sixty to two-hundred years, depending upon the actual environment of the displayed print. Of course, hanging a print in direct sunlight is not recommended. Most companies put a layer of anti-fade UV protection over the print to improve longevity.

Many modern artists paint digitally so there is no physical work to hang on a wall. Some artists use digital scans of their physical artwork to make reproductions of their work. Gicle addresses both formats by creating an entirely new reproduction medium for artists and art lovers. Each piece is individually produced so an artist is not obligated to make a certain number of prints. They can choose to make only one if they like.

You don’t even have to “be an artist” to create beautiful high quality art prints from your own personal photos of people, places, pets, and vacation memories. In a very short period of time, without huge up-front costs, by using high resolution scans or your own high resolution digital photos, Gicle canvas prints can be created for your own living room or for gifts for special people in your life. Gicle on canvas can be gallery-wrapped, or stretched onto a frame of thick wooden bars with no visible fasteners (such as staples or tacks) creating a finished product which can be hung without framing. If a person does a search for “Gicle printing” they will find a wide list of companies located all over the country who specialize in this amazing printing process.

Hp Pavilion Dv6-6116nr 15.6-inch Entertainment Laptop

Here’s an interesting paradox: As recently as six months ago, Hewlett-Packard was actively discussing giving up its laptop business as it tried to sell its laptop segment to the highest bidder, and now it is introducing laptops that offer gaming capabilities and that sport features you find nowhere else. It is quite a turnaround.

Perhaps it was their recently, and highly publicized change at the top that left them with a quandary: “Do we leave our reasonably profitable laptop business to others, especially lower-cost computer manufacturers and let them have that business? Or, do we stay; upgrade our offerings, giving the gaming crowd what it needs – memory, quality graphics and high-speed, seamless action sequences?”

The “gaming crowd” should be pleased with the results. For example, while the DV6-6116NR offers 4 GB of DDR3 memory as standardize. This memory is upgradable to 16 GB. The beauty of having this much memory available is twofold: 1. the memory allows an image to appear smoothed and, having so much memory available when, combined with a 1.7 GB video memory cache, allows all of the video to appear in high-definition mode. Indeed, the 1377 by 766 high-definition mode.

One of the keys to the DV6 is the programmability of the Core II I5 processor. This is not the top-of-the-line model, but, since each core can be written to be a good programmer, it is very possible for developers to create individual video streams so that each addressable stream can be handling slightly different functions. For example, if the processor is looking at the same image from slightly different angles, it is possible for the DV6 to work as a 3D device, however, you will either need to use special 3D glasses that sync through Bluetooth or you will have to use passive glasses. Bluetooth syncing is far better because it allows your system to work with true Black shutter technology where one of the lenses actually turns off for a moment while the other lens presents a high-definition, high-contrast image. This is followed quickly by the initial lens being turned off and the other one being activated. In this manner you gain true 3D as there are no video artifacts left and each eye sees a clear image.

The DV6 has another interesting feature and that is known as HeatSense technology. Most the time when you have a laptop sitting in your lap, you feel the heat growing and growing and the laptop getting warmer. With HeatSense technology, the laptop senses that heat is growing and shunts it away from your lap so that it remains cool. This will also help if you are looking at streaming video or listening to streaming audio.

In addition, the DV6 recognizes the many different video formats that one can included on a smartcard or other video card modes. The HP6 recognizes tho modes and plays them, including slideshows. It’s nice to see video appear quickly, especially if you’ve just taken it and you can edit it on the fly.

Altogether, it’s fine that HP has chosen to remain in the laptop market and the key reason is that it gives every other manufacturer out there something to keep squarely in their rearviews because HP has been known to create one or two innovations itself or improve on the innovations of others and it is likely to continue to do so.

Hp Pavilion Dv6 6153ea Entertainment Notebook Pc

As we are all aware Hewlett Packard or HP as it is more popularly known Worldwide is undoubtedly one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. They did not achieve this remarkable feat all of a sudden from nowhere. Right from the beginning the American Computer giant has been offering its customers top notch products that had astonishing amounts of quality and reliability which is something the company today sees as a motto for its operations. HP has now established a name for itself in almost all forms of computational hardware and accessories from simple USB Storage Devices to even Million Dollar Servers.

Today we take a preview of one among the several new
Notebook models from HP to hit stores in UK. The model is christened by HP as HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea Entertainment Notebook PC. From the Pavilion and Entertainment tags itself we get a clear picture that this is not your regular computing stuff that jus about provides you a minimalistic computing experience. Instead the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea Notebook offers everything you would expect from a modern day computer.

On the surface the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea looks like any HP Laptop today. It offers a decent style statement that you can show off in college that ranges from the artistic impressions on the lid to the feather touch volume and WLAN controls on the keyboard panel. The large 15.6 inch LED display screen offers stunning picture clarity for a one of a kind movie and gaming experience. However what lies beneath the skin is that really sends a shiver down the spine of competition.

The HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea offers you the latest generation of Intels Core Processor family with the Core i5 Processor that spins off its blades to the tune of 2.3 GHz thereby ensuring smooth delivery of all multimedia and computational functionalities.
The i5 Processor has been coupled to a large 4GB RAM and with the Notebook running a 64 Bit Version of Windows 7 Home Premium you can make full use of the 4GB of RAM Memory unlike the 32 Bit Versions found elsewhere.

The HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea is meant for pure multimedia and Entertainment purposes and Gaming is definitely the main preference for those who prefer such Notebooks. Gaming enthusiasts are treated to an absolutely mesmerising and nerve cracking experience which is courtesy of the mighty 1 GB AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card bundled along with the hardware.

Storage is never an issue as HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea has a 750 GB internal hard disk which is more than enough for storing all your favourite movies, games, files and data. Other goodies that come along with the Notebook are an HDMI Port, 2 USB 2.0 Ports and 2 USB 3.0 Ports and also come with a good quality Webcam and Mike. The well spaced keypad is a bonus for those who use their Laptops for a higher proportion of office work rather than personal entertainment.

In short the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea is a perfect choice if you are looking for a Notebook that will serve primarily for entertainment. You can grab one for yourself for just under GBP 700.