Eonon Newly Launched D2205 With Wow Factors For In Car Entertainment

One of the leading car audio gargets providers Eonon has a newly developed D2205 2 Din Car DVD on Apr. 19 officially. With many wow factors such as Motorized Digital Touch Screen, 3D UI, Desktop Wallpaper Switch, Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone support, it’s considered to be Eonon’s next generation of super stars.

D2205 has many cutting edge tech are applied to enhance the in car entertainment experience for passengers. Here are some of the wow factors which can catch many people’s eyes:
1.D2205 will play almost all commercially available digital entertainment formats including DIVX5.0/AVI/DVD/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD-RW/VCD/MP3/CD/CD-RW/JPEG.
2.With 6.95 inch high resolution 800*480 touch screen with The Latest 3D User Interface enables more vivid pictures and videos, and the Fully Motorized Slide Down Control Panel make the operation to be easier.
3.Personalization can be newly realized in this unit. Desktop Wallpaper Switch, Support Real-time Screenshot and Screen Saver Function will fully fit user’s taste.
4.D2205 can be compatible with more possible Apple media through USB/SD: IPOD CLASSIC, IPOD NANO, and even IPOD TOUCH and IPHONE. And the USB/SD support maximum as large as 16G compatibility, largest ever in history.
5.The connectivity is also excellent. There is a subwoofer outputs, and Back Sight Video Input allow connection to the camera. Through Bluetooth support, drivers can make and receive calls wirelessly via the system, the new Phone book Function can facilitate driver’s searching for friends!

“This is our newly developed D2205 item is based on the new deep research of recent in car electronic trends in the market, and better understanding for customers’ new needs. The main features of 2 Din D2205 are similar to the existing 1 Din D1303, which has been one of our best sellers since the day it came out. So D2205 will become another hero in 2 Din series like D1303 do in 1 Din series.” One of Eonon’s best engineer Andy Lee declared lately.

This D2205 6.95 Inch Motorized Digital Touch Screen 2 Din Car DVD Player is now available in Eonon’s brand new website at eonon.com, and it is only costs $269 and free shipping to 23 countries. As usual, it comes with as long as 2 years guarantee, which can fully secure the quality for their customers. Click here for more information about this D2205: http://www.eonon.com/productShow.aspx?product_no=D2205&pid=941.

Eonon is the most famous made-in-china brand with 9 years experience and based in Hong Kong. It belongs to Sunbobo Digital Company Limited. Eonon has a solid foundation in the car electronic industry. It ranks on the top in the sales of car audio/video in the markets of the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Japan. For more information, please visit http://www.eonon.com, or contact the company’s headquarters at Block A, 12/F, Victorious Factory Bldg.35 Tseuk Luk Street San Po Kong Kowloon Hong Kong, Tel. (86)755 26744505 , or email to eonon..

Best Martial Arts Movies Of All Time

We love watching the fighting and action in the best kung fu and martial arts movies, and we have watched quite a few of them over the years we can tell you! So here is my pick of what we think are the 5 best martial arts movies ever made:

Enter The Dragon – Bruce Lee is widely regarded as the best kung fu film star of all time, so it would be tantamount to blasphemy if anyone were to write a list like this without including at least one of his movies. In my opinion the 1973 classic Enter The Dragon features Bruce Lee at the top of his game. There are some great one liners with Lee doling out his kung fu philosophy, and the actual fighting in this movie in very realistic and exciting to watch even if all of the acting isn’t quite up to the same high level.

Drunken Master – Jackie Chan is another of the greats when it comes to stars of kung fu movies, and this is my favourite of his films. Jackie sets out to learn the famous Drunken style of kung fu in a quest to save his master and the school that he runs, and there is plenty of the slapstick comedyand crazy stunt and acrobatics that Jackie Chan has always done so well.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – The best of the new breed of kung fu film which has much higher production values that the classic 1970s movies which brought the genre to the public attention and made it famous. Very beautifully shot with the kind of mystical kung fu superpowers type feel that has everyone flying around on wires all the time. The actual fighting isn’t as good as the old films in my opinion, but in every other way it is superior.

Magnificent Butcher – This is a less well known movie that deserves more recognition than it has ever recieved. It has a really involving story of a butcher who is accused of crimes that he did not commit and must go to great lengths to try to clear his name.

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior – There are so many kung fu films out there that it is nice to see something which is based around a different style of fighting – namely Muay Thai, or Thai boxing. Very visually impressive and with great fight scenes, it follows ayoung rural man who sets out from his village to retrieve a stolen statue.

Hancaiying After Marriage Don’t Faded Out From The Entertainment Husband Support Me

The evening of October 28, 2011 “Fashion COSMO” Beauty Awards ceremony at the Shanghai Centre Theatre, Star gathering. That night, Han Chae Young of the Year Award form the best temperament, and entertainment at the scene of an exclusive interview with Tencent. Turning out the entertainment is married, she immediately shook his head, “No, I like filming, like making films and television shows. And my husband is very good, very supportive of my work.” berend burberrypromo Marriage is not out to support my husband filming entertainment

Han Chae-young 19-year-old debut in pure, approachable girl image to open a way out, then by virtue of the “wealthy maid” in the classic role of shaping the success of “maid” and became popular first-line South Korean actress, Korean fans highly sought after, that night, she temperament of the Year Award was awarded. In recent years, he moved to the Mainland filming of Han Chae Young, Chinese is already quite accomplished, in an interview, some questions can understand and answer in Chinese. In 2007, Han Chae Young and entrepreneurs Cuidong Jun married, starred in the first film is this “huge deal”, “China’s film is thriving, not only is my whole world is concerned about the Chinese film and I hope to have more opportunities to shoot Chinese film, was honored to participate in the filming. “Asked about marriage, the entertainment will not fade, and she immediately shook his head,” No, I like filming, like making films and television shows. and my husband is very good, very supportive of my work. ” bennett burberrypeak Making “huge deal” Blue Lan as handsome good care of my first love

Han Chae Young and Lan Cheng-lung, Andy Hui, Chapman News at 19:33 on November 1, 2011 following the “hold high the love”, the second time this year appeared in Herman Yau’s movies. Potential criminals. The first day. More) and other fantasy comedy starring “huge deal” will be shown nationwide in November. For the film’s “couple partner,” Lan Cheng-lung, she said: “He is in the process to take care of me, very polite, so the whole filming process very smooth very happy, and he very handsome, which is attractive to me filming of reasons. Also, Andy Hui, Chapman, they are excellent actor, filming with them, so I feel that I was particularly good luck. “talked about the cooperation with you, she smiled and said,” understand each other like the process, much like some astringent but sweet love, is very valuable to me. “For the future, will further develop in China, Han Chae Young said, I hope” huge deal “for her to open China’s film market “Before I can only hold their own advertising works and some photographs with the Chinese audience, and this can have a work and the Chinese audience interaction, for me is a very precious memory will long to stay In my mind, my biggest hope is that this ‘movie deal’ success. ”

Top Reasons People Take Out Personal Loans

Life can throw little curve balls at you all the time and sometimes those curve balls can get expensive. When people get hit with bills they cannot pay, or they start to make future plans that they need to finance, many will turn to taking out a personal loan. Check and see if any of these top reasons that people take out a small loan apply to you and your situation.

Home Renovation – One of the more expensive rooms in your home to renovate is the kitchen and when it comes time to put in a new sink or a new kitchen floor then a small loan is a great way to finance it. You can also use a loan to put some new appliances in as well.

New Computer – If you find yourself with a need to be connected to the rest of the world then you are in need of a new computer. You could sign up for a credit account with the computer manufacturer but the chances are pretty good that the interest rate on that account will be fairly high. The solution could be a small loan, with a low interest rate, as a way to finance your new computer.

Big Screen – People who love movies tend to invest in some of the better movie watching equipment and a prime investment for any movie lover is a home entertainment theatre system. For a really impressive plasma screen, speaker system and proper seating your finances might need a little lift, all for the love of movies.

Landscape – Many people use their garden as their escape from the rest of the world and if you really want to take your garden to the next level then you need some serious landscaping. You can finance your garden landscaping and, when the garden is done, you will have your own oasis from the rest of the world. Not only this, the resale value of your home will be boosted by the improved garden.

Backyard Pool – When the weather is hot every Aussie wishes they had a swimming pool installed in time to fend off the heat of the summer sun. Having a swimming pool installed is a great gift for your family!

Fun on the Water – Some people look to the open waters as their source of relaxation and to do that you need a boat. Buying a boat to get away from it all is something that doesn’t come cheap. After the boat, you’ll need to moor it, have a boat license and pay for fuel and upkeep.

Wedding Bells – The happiest day of a young couple’s life can also be one of the most expensive days. A young couple seeking to get married, enjoy the day and invite the family, then jet off to some exotic island for the honeymoon is enough to make some people postpone their big day until they’ve saved up enough. A small loan might be a wise idea, to speed up that joyous day!

A Family Holiday – At some point everyone just needs to get away from it all and go on holiday but many people do not take that well needed rest because they feel they do not have the finances, and perhaps they do not have the cash flow right then and there. A low interest rate loan can get you on the beach and away from it all in no time.

Cash Flow – Sometime you can get caught in a situation where you need additional cash flow to fund a hobby you have taken up or maybe invest in a idea that you have been cultivating for a very long time. A personal loan can help you increase your cash flow and bring your ideas to life.

Further education for students of the arts

A postgraduate degree is a valuable qualification that gives an individual an edge in this ever competitive world. Nowadays students are lucky as a range of degree options are offered to them, diverting from the standard, giving people with different talents the chance to put their skills to proper use, such as an animation degree or a jewellery degree.

Slowly but surely, degrees in previously lesser explored fields are gaining recognition and popularity as the world develops and more scope for such areas widen. There are colleges dedicated to offering the study of these subjects providing students with the freedom and proper guidance needed to excel in their chosen area, be it a design degree or animation to mention a very few of the options available.

To gain the maximum from your education the obvious wise choice is to search for a college specializing in your area of choice. As such you will be offered the best all round approach to your education, combining study with practical experience. An exposure to the real world is essential if a student is to learn how to apply study to a real life situation. Further, students should be always given the encouragement to showcase their work and develop confidence in their abilities as art and design are all about the visual. Being inspired by past and present work helps students find their own niche and style.

In the UK budding arts students are lucky as there are specific colleges offering all the above mentioned, with the added benefit of flexible courses allowing those needing to work, the chance at part time study. This way while earning, a student can access the resources needed while being guided by set modules specifically designed to smoothen the part time learning process.

Being with like minded people in an environment conducive to creative study is what students of arts need to nurture their innate abilities. Environment is everything when studying, as it lays the foundation to creating the right atmosphere. That coupled with experienced guidance is a sure guarantee that the potential in a student is unlocked and allowed to flow.