KAS ICT Helps Children To Achieve Successful Careers In The Entertainment Industry

KAS ICT is a well-known acting institution that helps students in achieving successful careers in the film, TV, commercial and print industry. They offer courses designed to teach children the skills needed to get an edge in the entertainment industry. Their lessons help your kids to let go of frustrations, fear, and anxieties while gaining self-confidence, improving social interaction skills and enhancing creativity and imagination. These classes help them to become more comfortable in dealing with new challenges and problems in their lives.

Some of the benefits of joining KAS ICT courses are that they enhance your child’s confidence and comfort in front of audience, and are a great asset for them. They are an excellent way of improving communication and presentation skills and these also hone their social skills. The ability to communicate effectively with other kids helps them in their personal and professional relationships. The acting classes for teens are centered around encouraging and praising each student for who they are and teaching them to use their own personality and charm in their roles. Here, kids learn to create a unique, original character and they are also taught to live naturally and effortlessly on camera.ra.

Faculty at KAS ICT includes film/TV/commercial and print industry professionals who have been working in the industry for many years. They have an extremely identifiable track record in the industry. These dedicated teachers allow child actors to be part of most of the work which can be watched on television and at movie theaters. This institution provides courses that are designed to teach children the skills needed to get an edge in the highly competitive entertainment industry. They have been helping students to become effective communicative artists for many years. They work to help them achieve success and work in films, television and commercials, as well as obtain employment in the fashion or commercial modeling world. For more details, please browse through http://www.kidsactingschool.com/.

Drinking Games A-Z Circle of Death

The Circle of Death drinking game is easy to play but hard to master, with a Sip Score of 5! (High- sipping game)

Game Description: The cards tell you what to do, when to drink and how much to imbibe. Each card corresponds to a number of sips the selecting player must take from their drink. Different numbers/suits mean different actions, etc.

Number of Players: Minimum of 4

You Will Need: A pitcher of beer, an additional pint of beer for the center of the table, a pack of cards, and an empty bladder.

How to Play: Sit around a table with the pitcher of beer and pint of beer in the middle with the pack of cards fanned out in a circular formation, with each card touching another. The first person to take their turn starts the game by selecting a card from the circle while making sure all remaining cards are touching. As glasses empty, make sure everyone’s drinks are refreshed to continue playing.

Rules of the Game:

Red cards: Give a drink. Nominate a person to receive a drink from the circle.

Black cards: Take a drink. The selecting party must TAKE A DRINK!

BLACK NUMBERS2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10: Selector must take sips amounting to the number on the card.

RED NUMBERS 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10: Selector must nominate another lucky player to take sips amounting to the number of the card. If the selector is wishes to divide the number of sips between several players instead of just one, he or she may do so.

NUMBER 4: All female players must take a sip

NUMBER 6: All male players must take a sip

NUMBER 9:It’s rhyme time! The selector must say one rhyming line. Rhyme time continues as each player adds a line of rhyme and selects a new card until stumbles and fluffs up their line or until a Queen is pulled; whichever happens first. The selector of a Queen is out of Rhyme Time and the remaining players continue until they mess up or select a Queen until everyone has taken their turn at least once.

KING: The selector must declare “Never Have I Ever” with a true statement about something they have never done. The rest of the players have to take a sip of their drinks if they HAVE done the deed in question.

ACE: The Ace is the “drain your cup” card for all players. The selector must also down the pint of beer sitting in the middle of the table.

JACK: The Jacks can act as color cards, or you can ascribe your own bespoke rules to jacks for extra fun!

You Lose: If you select a card that leaves the remaining cards as a broken circle with some not touching others. The first person to break the ring by selecting a card and leaving two that are not connected must drain their cup. Then push back together and continue playing if you want to!

Indian Wedding Entertainment

Asian wedding entertainment is a chief component of any Indian wedding. These events are marked by festivities that can sometimes last for up to a week. Most of the time is taken by merry making through dancing to wedding music provided by professional music groups. The dancing sometimes goes on throughout the night. Shaadi music is very essential to the couple as most of them have the tunes recorded so that they can listen to them in future. These bring back sweet memories of the biggest day in any couples life. Indian shaadi entertainment must be taken very seriously as poor planning or lack of it can make your wedding very dull and boring. Since Indian weddings happen in stages there are different kinds of songs that mark the different stages.

To begin with, there is the period that comes just before the shaadi. This is usually the eve of the wedding day. Here Sangeet and Mehndi tunes are played. This music is meant to bring the families of the marrying couple together putting them in the mood of the big shaadi occasion that is beckoning. There are several music bands and dance troupes that are Mehndi experts. You can look them up on the internet. During the actual wedding, there is usually plenty of music at various stages. When the groom is arriving, after vows and even when the new couple is leaving there is a lot of dancing to shaadi music.

The next session is the reception. Here a professional Indian shaadi entertainment DJ is required as it is an action packed stage where all invited guest join into the dancing frenzy celebrating the big occasion. No couple wants to take chances during this vital session of any Indian shaadi. Good sound equipment plus a good selection of music is needed. Finally time comes for the first dance. This is the moment when everyone takes their seats to watch as the newlyweds make their first dance as man and wife. This is a one of the most special moments for any couple. Here, special fist dance music is played and the newlyweds take to the floor. Again a professional entertainer is needed to make this session as exciting as possible.

Equipment for Hire

There are thousands of wedding entertainers that you can find on the internet. If you find it hard to select the best, you can seek the services of professional shaadi organizers like OccAsianZ Wedding Coordinators and Event Organizers who can contact and organize for the best band in your area to perform during your shaadi. There are bands that perform in Hindu, Gujarat, Punjabi and Swahili. South asian shaadi entertainment groups may be composed of just musicians, DJ groups, complete bands or traditional dancers. It is not economical to buy equipment for entertainment during a shaadi ceremony. The simple option is hiring entertainment equipment from a company like OccAsianZ Shaadi Coordinators and Event Organizers who have sound systems and equipment for hire. It is always important to have all the equipment tested before the wedding day to ensure they are working well.

Tips On Writing An A Level Art Dissertation Free Topics Help On Arts Dissertation

Art cannot be defined by using definitive paradigms. It is a topic that envisages the ways in which individuals, groups, communities and nations live, work and practice their customs. Writing an art dissertation is not merely about the word art, but the meaning it entails as a whole. As a study, art dissertations can be very meticulous in their substance and provide information about specific branches of arts in detail.

The first and foremost part of writing an arts dissertation is deciding a particular topic your thesis is going to be based upon. You have to be very specific while choosing the topic of your dissertation. Some of the topics that you can use are listed below for your convenience.


Art history dissertation

Fine art dissertation

Ancient art studies

Modern art dissertations

Vocal arts discourse

Performing arts critique

Dissertation on art evolution

Visual art study

Art dissertation on Sculpture

Abstract art philosophy

A discussion on art philosophy

Graphic arts exposition

Dissertation on art as a form of expression

Art Dissertation on political art

Street art dissertation
The list can go on and on but it is time to move to the next part of this article.


Once an appropriate topic is finalized, you have to proceed to the next level. The primary step towards any type of writing is research, which firstly supplies a particular theme and in the end contributes important material required for the main thesis.


Subsequent to topic selection is having a suitable title and then to start writing an articulate dissertation on the chosen subject.


This elementary segment of the dissertation needs to have the following sub segments.


The assertive argument is established upon genuine findings of your research as well as your own observations of the research. For example you are writing about art history dissertations; here you have to throw light upon each and every aspect of art and its history including its evolution into the new era.


In this section you have to perspicaciously supply contradictory reasoning in comparison to the assertive argument. This part also holds a great deal of importance and should be prepared on realistic grounds. You personal opinions carry a lot of weight here.


In this section, you would be required to put forward the findings of your research taking into account all the important elements of the topic.

In the very end, quote all references in a clear manner in relation to the sources of your research.

Benefits Of Owning A Swimming Pool

Are you considering installing a backyard swimming pool? A personal pool is a worthy investment when you take into account how it can improve you and your family’s health and happiness. Most pool shoppers are aware of the many perks of pool ownership, but it may take careful consideration. Before installing one of the many Fort Worth custom pools, consider the amazing benefits to owning your own backyard swimming oasis.


One of the beauties of owning a pool is that the countless hours spent swimming, playing, and having fun can also be counted as exercise. Whether swimming laps or playing a round of water tag with your family, pool time increases your cardiovascular function, muscle strength, and endurance. Swimming is also less stressful on your joints than high-impact exercises like running and jumping. In fact, it is estimated that people can exercise twice as long in the water as they can on land due to the low impact on joints and less energy expended. A pool is also a great place to de-stress and relax, thus improving health.

Improved Home Value

Inground concrete and fiberglass pools are estimated to increase the value of a home by 5%. In other words, a swimming pool will increase the value of a $500,000 home by $25,000. Not only does owning a pool have immediate benefits, it has potential financial benefits, as well.

Family Time

We live in an age of information and technology. Television, social media, and cell phones can make it difficult for families to spend quality time together. A swimming pool is one sure method of getting your family members to put down their electronics and join in for some family fun. A backyard swimming pool brings families together for games, laughter, and a good time.

Improved Sleep

Whether you struggle to get your kids to bed on time or you suffer from insomnia, owning a pool can help improve you family’s sleep. Spending time playing or exercising in the pool causes physical fatigue. Your children will be worn out by the end of the day, and you won’t need to deal with bedtime battles. Also, a quick swim in the pool before bed lowers your body temperature which allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.


Studies have found that, unlike other cardiovascular activities, swimming is unlikely to cause asthma attacks in asthmatic children. Asthmatic children benefit from improved fitness, confidence, and increased lung capacity. Pools also provide therapeutic benefits for people who suffer from arthritis, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, and other injuries and illnesses.


A backyard pool creates the perfect atmosphere for socializing. It becomes a gathering place for church groups, youth groups, and community activities. You can invite neighbors, friends, and family over for a barbecue and swimming and build stronger relationships that don’t revolve around social networks.

A Reason to Stay Home

Owning a pool is a great incentive to get your children, and their friends, to spend time at your home rather than going elsewhere. You will also discover that they can get their fill of fun at home, relieving you of the obligation of transporting them to other forms of entertainment. More importantly, you know where they are and what they are doing. A pool provides your family with a reason to enjoy being home. Your backyard pool will be the perfect place for your children’s birthday parties, long weekends, and staycations.
Fort Worth Custom Pools are a fun way to build stronger relationships with your family, form bonds with friends and neighbors, and stay in shape, and you can do all of this without leaving your backyard.