International Packages Of Dish Network

Eager to watch some of the incredible international television programs while staying in the heart of USA? Switch on to DISH Network for enjoying some exciting International Packages. These are specially meant for the enthusiastic fans of International programming in US. The terrific International DISH TV programs will suit their diverse needs along with their budgets. The alluring DISH Network International Packages are exclusively meant for various people residing in U.S. from different countries of the world. Stay connected to your homeland, whenever you like with DISH Network, the best satellite TV providers in US.

Invigorate your leisure with real entertainment in lavish style with international movies, sports, news and lots more stirring International contents. DISH TV provides a wide array of packages offering diverse contents from different continents of the world including Africa, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America and South Asia. You will relish an extensive collection of international programming at different prices. Choose from over 200 International DISH Network channels in 28 languages and satiate the gorge for your international entertainment.

To enjoy the basic programming option, you have to add one or more International language packages to your current DISH Network package (one per language group). The International Basic Pack of DISH Satellite TV is ideal for those who want International programming only. The International Basic Package of DISH Network includes 20 channels for $10 per month, as well as the option to purchase additional International language packages. If you want to savor some of the best Chinese programs, you can purchase one of DISH TV East Asian packages that include 18 channels for $10 per month plus the option to purchase additional International language packages.

DISH Network African Pack

The Pan African Bouquet of DISH TV @ $24.99/month provides an aura of refreshing and blooming African entertainment through a wide array of genres from African news and talk shows to reality shows, sitcoms, soaps, dramas, movies and music. The Pan African Bouquet will appeal to the sensibilities of the entire African Family and Diaspora by offering original content for everyone. Bring home DISH Network to enjoy AFRICA 24 (653), AFROTAINMENT (751), AFROTAINMENT MUSIC (667), ETHIOPIAN BROADCASTING SERVICE (656) and HITV (650).

DISH TV East Asian Pack

DISH TV East Asian Pack includes Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese programs. DISH Network brings you the most comprehensive selection of Chinese TV offering 5 CCTV channels, 14 provincial TV channels directly from Mainland China and 3 TV channels from Hong Kong as well as from other parts of the world. The Great Wall TV Package of DISH TV is presented in 100% digital quality broadcasting 24-hours-a-day. This fantastic package includes some of the very best entertainment channels from CCTV, a variety of provincial channels from mainland China and a number of channels provided by partners beyond China. This fascinating DISH TV Chinese Pack is available at $22.99/month.

DISH TV European Pack

DISH Network European Pack encompasses French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian programs. DISH TV offers a variety of French TV channels that suit all your needs. With popular channels such as Trace TV, France24, and TV5 Monde, DISH Network has an incredible French offering. French Bouquet @ $19.99/month provides a variety of French and African programming including news, entertainment, top drama serials, musical programs, movies, documentaries, children’s programs, cultural programs, game shows, travel, classic movies, music videos and much more.

DISH Network Middle East Pack

DISH Network offers you the best selection of Arabic TV channels. You can enjoy the most comprehensive Arabic TV packages and channels that cater to your entire family direct from the Middle East. Relish your favorite mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, talk shows, top soccer leagues, as well as newly released and classical movies from DISH TV Middle East Pack. The Arabic Elite Super Pack @ $39.99/month presents the most comprehensive Arabic language programming in America with a variety of incredible channels. The Arabic programs of DISH TV include mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released and classical movies, top soccer leagues and talk shows.

DISH Network South America Pack

DISH Network brings you the most comprehensive variety of Brazilian TV providing five of the best Brazilian TV channels for the best value in the market. You can choose from a variety of news, drama, talk shows, reality TV, children’s content and sports including live games from Brasileiro 2011. BRAZILIAN ELITE @ $34.99/month presents the top-quality Brazilian television entertainment including a variety of channels and will bring you full access to the best soap-operas, newscasts, talk-shows, music, drama, culture, and sports throughout the week along with local programs.

DISH Network South Asian Pack

DISH Network South Asian Pack includes Bangla, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Nepali, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu programming. By subscribing for the South Asian Pack, you can watch Cricket World Cup on DISH. DISH Network brings you the ICC Cricket World Cup – Live in HD (also available in SD). DISH Network brings the best Hindi TV straight to your home. You can enjoy the biggest Bollywood movies, the most watched shows and dramas, Bollywood music videos, songs, live cricket matches, chat shows, award ceremonies and more on channels you love, like Zee TV, Sony, Star Plus and aapka colors. By opting for HINDI MEGA, you can enjoy Blockbuster Movies, music videos, action packed thrillers, the biggest reality shows, sitcoms, family drama, up-to the minute news, current affairs, lifestyle shows and lots more. Hindi Mega Pack @ $49.99/month is the first choice for Hindi Television Entertainment in US and is sure to captivate every member of the family. It has no activation fee and free standard installation. Start watching some amazing Hindi Channels today by grabbing this pack.

Step into the world of DISH Network, the best satellite TV provider in US and galore your entertainment horizons.

Android Game Development – Confidently Hire Android Game Developer India For Thorough Entertainment

Mobile gaming is the job of enthusiastic and rather creative people who love playing and developing mobile games through the usage of technical proficiency in various mobile technologies. Android is the feature rich operating system for different modern handsets available in the market and offers a wide range of features to implement in different Android applications. Android game development is primarily based on the Java programming language and the Android OS supports Java in its various libraries that help Android game developers to create and develop robust and twisting Android games easily. For the Android, Android Game developer India also leads the market to offer theord services on global platform.

An Overview on Technology used for Android Game Development
Android game developer uses various techniques for robust game development such as Eclipse & Android eclipse plug-in, Java SE Development Kit (JDK) for signing & deploying the Android game application appropriately, CPS, Compass and accelerometer, 3D graphics (based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specifications), media assistance for regular audio, video and still image formats, recycle and replacement of components with the help of application framework and many more other functionalities.

Huge Range of Android Applications that can be developed includes:
Android Game developer develops various types of applications using Android Application Development such as Android mobile websites, Social networking applications, GPS tracking, Business oriented applications, entertainment applications, travel applications, and scintillating game development, and more.

An Overview on Advantages with Hire Android Game DeveloperIndia
India has some of the best and experienced Game developer in the worlds who have achieved expertise in working for a wide spectrum of clients. The other added benefits include:

India is a large country with skilled Mobile application developers readily available with variable hiring models especially Hire Android Game Developer.

You can Hire a developer based on your project needs at variable hiring policies at very reasonable rates

Developers are highly educated, skilled and well trained in Android app development

Developer India provides the best client support and willing to work during different time zones that suit your zone

Post-development support is crucial and over the years, Android app developers India have created a name for themselves with their support services and post maintenance services

Highly proficient Android Game developer India possesses great knowledge about the modern mobile games prevailing in the current modern times. There are various kinds of smart phone games available in the market like 2d and 3d games for the mobiles, racing, biking games, which are developed with various simple and high methods. Thus you can easily hire Android game developer from India to fulfill all your Android Game Development requirements.

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Arabic Entertainment Package from DISH Network

If you are yearning to savor some Arabic entertainment while residing in the heart of USA, DISH Network Arabic Packages will be your right option. DISH Network provides you the best selection of Arabic TV channels. You can enjoy the most comprehensive Arabic TV packages and channels that cater to your entire family directly from Middle East. You can relish your favorite mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, talk shows, top soccer leagues, as well as newly released and classical movies. DISH Network Arabic Packages comprise of Elite Super, Elite, Enhanced, Music, Noursat, Aghapy TV and Iqraa.

Elite Super

DISH TV Arabic Elite Super Pack at $39.99/month presents the most comprehensive Arabic-language programming in US with a variety of incredible channels at a great value. With this package you can watch mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released, classical movies, top soccer leagues and talk shows. The channels included in this package are ABU DHABI (768), AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL JAZEERA SPORT (601), AL JAZEERA SPORT, AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES 759, ART MUSIC (781), BBC ARABIC (606) and lots more. Al Jazeera Sports is the must-watch channel for sports lovers that include comprehensive coverage of all sporting events across the Arabic-speaking world. Al Jazeera Sport covers all the major Leagues – Algerian League, Moroccan League, Syrian League, Jordanian League, Egyptian League, CAF Champions League, African Cup of Nations and AFC Champions League. With the Arabic-language channel BBC Arabic, from the International expert in quality broadcasting, you will enjoy up-to-date news, business and financial coverage, talk shows as well as specialty programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This DISH Network Arabic Elite Pack at $34.99/month presents an outstanding Arabic-language viewing experience with a variety of superb channels at a great value. Elite programming includes mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released, classical movies, Egyptian Soccer League and talk shows. The channels of this pack consist of AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES (759), ART MUSIC (781), DUBAI SATELLITE CHANNEL (765), ESC-1 (762), FUTURE TV (764), MBC (766), MURR TV (760) and NILE DRAMA (763). Murr TV is a 24-hour channel focused on Lebanese and Arab viewers. It offers general entertainment programs including popular talk shows, social and entertainment programming, children’s and musical shows. Murr TV provides top-rated news bulletins throughout the day.


This DISH TV satellite package includes a wide variety of Arabic programming content that is 100% digital. The Arabic Programs of this pack consists of mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, cartoons, variety shows, family entertainment, movies and talk shows. This Arabic Enhanced Pack is available at $29.99 per month presenting DISH Network channels like AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES (759), ART MUSIC (781), ESC-1 (762), MBC (766) and MURR TV (760).


The Arabic Music Pack of DISH Network at $10/month offers a variety of Arabic music channels in 100% digital quality. In addition to music videos, this DISH Network Arabic Pack programming includes talk shows, variety shows and coverage of major Arab-American events. This package includes DISH channels like ART TARAB (671), DANDANA TV (672) and M LIFE (673). ART TARAB is a channel devoted to classic music listeners and it plays an important part in preserving Arabic culture and heritage. Art Tarab presents a varied range of fine classical and traditional Arab music while covering important events such as the Tunis Festival, Beit El Din Festival and Qortaj Concerts, as well as operas. M life is a 24/7 satellite music channel, broadcasting a wide range of Arabic programming on live and exclusive concerts, fast beat video clips, dance videos and fashion shows. By gathering its content throughout Arab world, M Life offers a repertoire that appeal to the Arabic demographic in USA.


DISH TV Noursat (771) at $5 per month is the first and only Christian channel from Lebanon and the entire Middle East. It is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops who are dedicated to promote principles of Christianity. Noursat’s programming includes talk-shows, documentaries, history, classical musical recitals and social and spiritual programs.

Aghapy TV inconvenience

DISH Network Aghapy TV (775) at $5/month is the very first Coptic Christian satellite channel, aims to serve Christians worldwide through the broadcast of spiritual, social and health-related programs.


DISH TV Iqraa (773) @ $5/month presents 24-hours-a-day program from Egypt. It is the first Arabic-language channel that offers religious, media, social and economic programs tailored to the Muslims audience. Iqraa’s programming includes documentaries, live talk-shows, dramas, cultural and educational programs.

Subscribe for any of these Arabic packages of DISH Network and galore your Arabic entertainment horizons while staying in US.

Volt TV- ‘Entertainment’, Anywhere

The concept of small television has been revolutionised by the advent of 12 volt television. Its all your wish now – this versatile product will let you watch television when and where you want. You can operate them using both electricity as well as accumulators. Now you know the reason why they are called AC/DC TVs. They can be installed in boats, yachts, trucks, caravans and even motor homes.

12 Volt TV – A Favourite Among All…
Why is this device adored by the majority of people? Many times you might have pondered upon this fact, right? Hang on…the list is endless, scouring through will take some of your time but the bet is that it wont go useless. Read On…
TV 12 volt are portable, convenient, and lightweight,
When well charged, they can be used without power cords,
External devices like 12 volt TV DVD, cable boxes, computers and speakers can be easily supported by the larger models.
Many come with superb built-in stereo speakers.
Internet cards can be connected which allows uninterrupted viewing of channels.
Channel auto scan
Multilingual onscreen display
High receiving sensitivity
Parental control (V-Chip)
Remote control
Telescopic antenna
Rechargeable battery
Standard company warranty

Skyworth, Naxa, Supersonic, Jenson, Majestic, and Lasonic are some of the popular brands of the 12v TV sets available with leading dealers and distributors, that offer various models of these mobile televisions with LCD monitors and built-in ATSC digital tuners.

12 Volt Television Is All Your Choice- Be It Size Or Model
12 volt TV is available in the market in a wide array of sizes. Largest of them all is the 22″ model, whereas the smallest of its kind in the world is the 7” model. These televisions are usually supplied along with power chords of 12V and 110V. Minimal power is what they demand in return for producing ensured high quality performance, quite an impressive function,right? There is even a waterproof model of these televisions which has a built-in waterproof speaker and specially treated glass to protect against water and scratches.

12V Television Installation Is No Bother, No Trouble…
Uncomplicated is the word that can be used for the installation of TV 12V. Motor homes or semi-trucks have shelves and cabinets that are enough to fit the compact tube television. Foundation can be substituted with wall mounts that are easily available in the market. In fact, any place is fit to be installed with the wall-mountable models with 12V power supply.

Thus, what we see is that 12 Volt televisions inherit manifold advantages to their virtue. Buying them will beat all the blues when you want entertainment around you anytime you want. And nothing is better than buying them online as it will save both your time and effort. One of the reliable online stores is They have a wide range of the latest models and you are assured of competitive prices, attractive discounts, free shipment, and most of all warranty.