Uma Thurman says she hasnt had plastic surgery

Since earlier this week when Uma Thurman stepped foot on the red carpet, rumors have been circulating the media questioning if she had plastic surgery. Her minimal eye make up and smooth forehead looked significantly different from her last appearance just a few weeks earlier.

44-year-old actress, Uma Thurman made a guest appearance on “Today” just a couple days later, where she claimed the magic was in the makeup, not plastic surgery. Although anyone that saw Uma Thurman that night could be sure she had some type of cosmetic surgery on her face, she says her make up artist just tried a new technique. She denied all accusations made towards her having any plastic surgery.

“I know I looked weird,” said Thurman. “I dont know, I guess nobody liked my makeup”

She claims all the criticism she received from media didnt bother her at all. But even if she did undergo some type of plastic surgery, should she be ashamed of it? Most definitely not.

Over the last decade, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular and less frowned upon. A a brow or eye lift may have been just the thing Uma Thurman needed to give her a boost in her career. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to keep a fresh, young, and confident look.

Statistics show that many women reaching their early forties seek plastic surgery, the brow lift being on of the most popular. This simple procedure has the ability to reduce creases on the forehead creating a smoother, more rejuvenated look. Lifting the eyebrows just a little can make great improvements in the facial features of an individual.

So how does this procedure work? This minimal outpatient procedure consists of an incision made on the scalp from ear to ear. The incision lies behind the hairline, making the scar easily hidden after recovery. The small incisions make the recovery process fairly quick. Patients are typically back to work just seven days post-operation.

The minimal scarring and fast recovery make this rumor about Uma Thurman quite possible, but we may never know. Plastic surgery seems to be quite popular lately and although celebrities may not want to admit to or undergo these cosmetic procedures, one simple procedure may have the ability to drastically improve ones looks, while boosting their confidence.

Although the media may have their speculations about Uma Thurman undergoing surgery, there is no proving right or wrong. Maybe the magic is in the makeup!

Getting Creative With Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Business Event

Business meetings are usually viewed as not being very enjoyable and are often considered to be little more than a necessary evil at many corporations. Yet corporate event planning professionals know that there are a good number of business entertainers who can enliven an otherwise dreary meeting and provide meaningful content at the same time.

The type of presentation that a company chooses to receive from a corporate entertainer will depend on the business that is hosting the meeting and the atmosphere within the corporation. A company with a strictly conventional office environment might select a motivational speaker whose presentation is formal and straight-forward. Musical bands are a common choice, either during or after a dinner, but there are numerous other types of presentations and business entertainers to consider when planning a meeting or event.

Since business meetings are often dry and number-laden, humor can go a long way toward breaking up boring speeches and seemingly endless slide shows. Comedians who work company specific language into their skits are usually a huge hit with all levels of attendees. The use of terms and words specific to a business or industry can create a bonding experience with employees because the audience knows that outsiders would not get the jokes.

Providing entertainment to business meeting attendees is important, but delivering a message is perhaps more so. Magicians are a favorite at many corporate events because the magic can be used to represent the magic that is created by the employees and the rabbits they pull out of their hats on a daily basis to satisfy customers. Jugglers can demonstrate how keeping all of those balls in the air is no easier for them than it is for the average office worker, but that the juggling can be fun and rewarding if performed in the right frame of mind. Hypnotists can help attendees get in touch with the needs and wants of their customers by tapping the same desires within themselves.

Humor provides another advantage, especially when incorporated into speeches. No one wants to miss the best one liner delivered all day, so it keeps the audience listening for the information management wants delivered.

Corporate event planning requires that the planner is not only in tune with what will work in a given venue, but also what will not work. A good comedian may be able to provide a lively show at a night club, but if the entertainer tends to use language that might be offensive to some in a business audience, another more appropriate act should be booked. Music can serve either as background sound to a dinner or other activity, or it can be the main event, but thought should be given to the audience and how the type of music selected will be received. It is extremely important to know your audience so you can provide the correct entertainment for the occasion.

As mass media has long taught us, combining entertainment and education is a powerful way to reach people. The best entertainers will be able to work with event planners to incorporate the event’s theme and message into their act. Choosing the right entertainment means that the resulting business event will not only be more enjoyable, but also it will become a stronger, more effective means of communicating important ideas.

Cowboy History and Arts

Cowboy or Rancher legends and their historical roles are quite captivating and interesting. The various clothing styles, equipments and animal handlings often draw more attention.

Adults particularly men are preferred to perform the animal herder’s job since fully developed physical abilities are a must. According to history, numerous cultures have already embraced the traditional cowboy approaches and techniques, which are certainly preserved nowadays but with some trace of modern skills.

A vaquero (Spanish origin word for cowboy) must be gentle to animals. Their job isn’t just something anyone can learn in an instant and it’s not only about riding performances, entertainment, rodeo shows and competitions. It’s also about taming and caring for such animals like horses and cattle. Horse attitudes (especially) vary a lot where one or two can be timid and the rest can be in their natural but hard-to-tame traits. The job is truly very handful. It requires men with vigor, one who is able to carry out multitude of ranch related works.

Rancher and Rodeo cowboys exist in some part of Mexico back in the 19th century. In the long run, other countries like Australia, Spain and Europe have shared their enthusiasm on the cowboy culture.

Lots of people are in fact passionate about wranglers and horses, horseshoes and cowboy hats. Others dress themselves as one even though they do not have any idea why. Some spends their time collecting sculptures and miniatures, cowboy paintingss and collectibles, authentic relics and memorabilia. Also, there are several available art shops worldwide offering remarkable artworks and designs dedicated to cowboy and horse aficionados.

However, for busy enthusiast, selection of artworks (which are also available on the internet) is definitely not limited to crafts like sculptures, drawings, cowboy paintings and prints. Consequently, one can purchase anything right away.

Several items collected by many are skillfully crafted by various famous artists. Most of them use intense yet passionate colors on images for cowboy paintings, creative horseback riding poses, and attention-grabbing illustrations of ranchers.

Preserving such significant culture whether by continuous practices or symbolic artifacts suggests favorable gusto to people word wide.

Get The Most Sensual Massage At Finchley Central

Do you have a tired and aching body with all those pressures at work? Do you have a bad hangover and you only want to rest all day long? Well, theres a place right in Finchley Central where beautiful girls are giving the most sensual of massages. If you come to their place, youll get the most erotic encounter of your life.

Interested? Then seek this massage parlour in Finchley and have a great time. Inside are beautiful girls who would lead you to a private room and give your body the best massage that it has ever received. Having sensual fun with a lovely lady is easy in East Finchley.

Where is it and How to Get There

The girls of Finchley Central Massage works in a luxurious but discreet apartment just near the train station. Only a two-minute ride, these girls are available 24 hours a day to serve you. To get to the exact location, you would have to schedule a meeting through the receptionist. Arrive at the designated time at the address given to you. A beautiful girl would usher you in and give you a very warm massage the whole time that youre there.

Massage is the expertise of these girls. But they can definitely give you more than that if you ask for it. Consent plays a very important role in these places. If the service provider is ready to give you freebies or added services, then grab the chance and enjoy her company to the fullest.

The Gorgeous Ladies Giving Erotic Massages

The lovely ladies employed by the massage parlour are usually escort girls whose main line of job is to provide pleasure and entertainment to male clients. Giving you a satisfying massage is just one of the many things that they can do for you. Get to know your attendant a little better and try to see how well she can accommodate your additional requests. If shes willing to do almost everything for you, be sure to leave her with a well-deserved tip for the great job.

And because these lovely ladies work as escort girls too, they can be invited for lunch or dinner outside their work schedule. While you might have to clear that with their escort agency, theres no telling what type of friendship could blossom between the two of you. But for now, just enjoy the very best massage in East Finchley. Nothing this sensual can be more rewarding for a man like you.

Balinese Mask Spiritual Force Behind

Masks made from the same tree are felt to have family ties. When a tree produce a knot like growth, it is called beling, which means pregnant. Care is taken not to damage the tree, and when the cut is made, a special ceremony is held to appease the spirits of the tree. If these rituals are not followed, a spiritually powerful tree could use its energy to cause destruction. In Singapudu village, home of two Balis most renowned woodcarvers, wood is no longer taken from an especially tenget tree that grows at the edge of the village. Two priests performed the requisite ceremonies before removing wood, but within a week both died of mysterious causes.


Through this brief examination of Balinese Masked Performances, it becomes clear that the elements of theatre, the story, the masks, the performance, are all special and require much preparation. Balinese masks that are used in religious ceremonies have great concentrations of power and, therefore, must be treated very carefully. Woodcarving masks used in traditional dance and drama performances, even if not sacred, also must not be handled casually

It helps to understand that to the Balinese, there is not the same differentiation that we in the West make between animate and inanimate objects. Everything contains spirit. When you consider that some of the woodcarving masks represent evil spirits, such as Rangda, queen of the witches, or that some represent gods or mythical protectors, such as the Barong, it is a big responsibility to wear these woodcarving masks and blend with these powers. This is usually done either in ceremonies or as part of acting out the great dramas that derive mostly from ancient Hindu epics. In Bali, it is customary that the dramas will end with neither side winning out over the other instead, there is a restoration of the harmony between the good and evil forces, which, according to Balinese belief, must be kept in balance.

When someone from the West puts on a mask, hes usually pretending to be someone else. But in Bali when someone puts on mask, especially a sacred mask, he becomes someone else. The mask has a life force a spiritual magic. A sacred mask is considered to be literally alive, and when the performer puts it on, the masks power also enters his body. The Balinese world is filled with magical power. Objects that we as westerners would normally consider to be devoid of the ability to exert influence on other objects or people to them may possess a mystical force.

By examining the craftsmanship of these masks, it is crystalline why Bali is famed for its beautiful masks and masked dance performance. To see a various Wood Carving Mask & Sculpture from Bali, please visit :